Siwa & Trish on the trail in fall 2009

Siwa & Me, late fall 2009

Do you really want to know? Here’s a list of random tidbits about me:

  • I am notorious for mixing/confusing/plain down getting wrong my metaphors, providing many hours of entertainment to friends and family, as in: “Nip this one in the butt”. Yeah, I know.
  • I worship the sun. I can handle the cold, snow, and rain as long as the sun is out!
  • I learned to drive and to drive a stick shift simultaneously on the day I bought my first car, which I drove 60-miles back to my home, all without ruining the clutch.
  • I started swimming a mile to support the motorcycle habit. Now I swim because I enjoy it. Unfortunately, the motorcycle is not much of a habit now.
  • I hate gyms. You will never find me in a gym, unless it’s to walk through the gym to get to the swimming pool.
  • I don’t eat anything smarter than our border-collie dog, Sammy. Of course, this rule is highly variable: there are days when mushrooms are off limits!
  • One of the saddest experiences I’ve had was saying a heart-breaking goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs I will ever know. (That’s her in the picture with me.)
  • I love coffee, ice-cream, chocolate, and fried chicken. And sushi! I also make a killer carrot cake!
  • I will always return to art-making.
  • I am NOT this Trish Roque, former Filipina child actress. I am this one.

About this Site

This blog is about the war of art and how to win it.  Read this post to learn more. 5/19/2010 An update: This blog is about creating and living in the space between thoughts. Read this post to learn more.

I will also post the results of my art explorations, inspiration I find along the way, and share with you the lessons I’ve learned in the process.